Microsoft Likes Its Latest Facebook Project

As one of the earliest investors in Facebook, Microsoft stands to gain a great deal from the social network’s initial public offer next month. That’s a fantastic incentive for the Redmond-based software giant to put anything on top of the social network, including A Year In The Like.

This new project sounds a bit like a rehash of how Facebook promoted the one-year anniversary of the thumb-up icon this past summer — or like the type of application that crops up around the end of the calendar year to show you a mash-up of your activity on the site.

The latter comes pretty close to what A Year In The Like does, except for the fact that it’s launching in April. The app shows you what the name says, only much more quickly than the alternative: slogging through the activity log on timeline — this is even harder to dig up without the advanced layout.

And that reminds us to the reason you want to curate your likes: Advertising. The more things you like on Facebook, the more ads you see. And vice versa.

Readers, how often have you edited the likes attached to your Facebook profile?

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