NATO Uses Facebook To Report End Of Ops In Libya

Facebook and Libya have come full-circle, from late dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s warning against the social network’s use in February, to the social network being used to announce the end of NATO operations in the country Friday.

Admiral James Stavridis, commander of NATO’s operations in Libya, posted a status update on his Facebook page Friday morning saying:

An extraordinary 24 hours in Libya. As SACEUR, I will be recommending conclusion of this mission to the North Atlantic Council of NATO in a few hours. A good day for NATO. A great day for the people of Libya.

SACEUR stands for Supreme Allied Commander Europe, one of NATO’s two strategic commanders and head of Allied Command Operations.

Wired News’ Danger Room pointed out that at the time of the status update, Facebook was the only source for the news, as NATO had yet to issue a press release, and it didn’t even appear on Stavridis’ NATO blog, although he did Tweet the news, with a link to the Facebook post.

Readers: Are you at all surprised that Facebook was the first source of this vital international news?

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