Facebook Page Porn Becomes Increasingly Popular

Page Porn Spam IconOver the past few weeks a new trends has become increasingly popular within Facebook Pages: sexual solicitations through the use of sexually suggestive user-generated images. A group of spammers has effectively exploited a weakness in Facebook’s spam prevention: Page fan images. Many of the top Facebook Pages have now become inundated with sexual images that prompt users to date the girl in the photo by clicking a link. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting guys who click the link, there’s no chance of them getting the girl!

While the volume of images has varied over the past few weeks, it’s clear that the images are still widespread among top Pages including Michael Jackson’s, the most popular page on all of Facebook. Facebook appears to be blocking some of the links, but ultimately they all end up at adult online dating sites. The end result is that some guys end up falling for the scam and register for the site. While you can blame the guys for being ignorant for doing so, the adult images showing up on top Pages are a significant problem for Facebook.

The result is that many large Pages have shut off the ability for users to submit images, however plenty of Pages continue to be targeted. In addition to Michael Jackson’s Page, Lil Wayne, Britney Spears, and many others have become targets. While most the readers of this site know not to fall for the scam, it’s still a growing problem. Fortunately, Facebook has clamped down on many of the people who’ve uploaded the images, but there are still plenty that remain, as illustrated below.

Have you seen any other pages spammed with this new form of Facebook Page porn?

Page Porn Spam Screenshot

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