Facebook Posts Call For Herman Cain To Exit The Race

Facebook users are discussing whether Herman Cain should withdraw from the presidential primary now that a fifth woman has come forward alleging an affair with him.

Until recently, Cain was topping the polls in the Republican presidential primary race.

Cain took to CNN last night to try and rebut the charge in advance of an Atlanta TV station airing a report about Ginger White, who alleges a 13-year affair with the candidate.

His attorney then issued a statement all but confirming a consensual relationship. This morning, Cain is reported to be weighing whether to leave the race.

Our Election Tracker 2012 vividly displays the rise and fall of Herman Cain’s Facebook fan base as he appeared at the top of the polls earlier this month followed by his precipitous decline as allegation after allegation came forward.

He is still in fourth place overall among Republican primary candidates, with 398,822 total fans on Facebook.

Nonetheless, Facebook has been buzzing about the Herman Cain since news of this latest affair broke. Posts claiming conspiracy theories — that he’s a pawn for one of the other candidates — to his taste in women abound.

Below are some examples of what people are posting publicly about his predicament.

What are your friends posting on Facebook about Cain? Do you think he should withdraw from the race?

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