Facebook Post Insights Go Real Time

Page administrators, go take a look at your wall. Under the newest posting, you’ll see that page insights now show up in real time.

Until this morning, page administrators had to wait a while before the insights would show up beneath wall posts. Now this very helpful set of statistics shows up right away. Now, don’t mistake this for a small improvement. Things happen quickly online, and now this crucial measurement keeps up with what’s going on, without requiring you to click off of Facebook to use another tool.

This change might be enough to inspire some page administrators to cancel subscriptions to third-party audience measurement tools, which could easily result in savings of at least four digits per month. On the other hand, real-time capabilities aren’t part of the software for optimizing a Facebook fan base, so usage of these analytics might not change.

Update: One of our loyal readers pointed out that the move to real time appears to have introduced some at least one bug into the mix. What previously appeared as an information box appears to have split in two, appearing to visitors as a duplication. Try to delete one of them and both go blank, or at least partially so.

We’ve also seen shifts in our page insight tallies that seem out of proportion, and have heard from others having similar problems. Readers, have you experienced any glitches with the administration interface today?

Have you looked at the new real-time page insights? How might the improvement influence whether you continue to use third-party performance measurement software? How might you alter your Facebook content strategy because of this?

Many thanks to Zoltán Faludi for pointing this out to us. Additional props go to Jesse Ferrell for the follow-up tip.

Post Insights Screenshot

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