REPORT: Longest Facebook Sessions Are In Singapore

Facebook users in Singapore spend the most time on the social network each time they begin a session, while those in Brazil tend to hang around for much shorter times, according to the latest international study on the use of social networks from Experian.

The U.K. research firm examined social network usage in eight countries. The average time per Facebook session ended up as follows:

  • Singapore: 38 minutes, 46 seconds;
  • New Zealand: 30:31;
  • Australia: 26:27;
  • United Kingdom: 25:33;
  • France: 21:53;
  • United States: 20:46;
  • India: 20:21; and
  • Brazil: 18:19.

However, Brazil performed strongly when the same eight countries were analyzed in terms of percentage of Internet visits going to social networking sites, while the opposite was true for the United Kingdom:

  • Brazil: 18.9 percent;
  • Singapore: 16.4 percent;
  • United States: 15.4 percent;
  • France: 15.1 percent;
  • India: 14 percent;
  • New Zealand: 13.9 percent;
  • Australia: 13.1 percent; and
  • United Kingdom: 12.2 percent.

Other Facebook-related findings from the Experian study:

  • Facebook is cutting into Orkut’s lead in Brazil. The latter still tops that country in terms of social network market share, at 43 percent, but Facebook picked up 16 percent from August 2010 through August 2011.
  • India was the country with the most explosive Facebook growth from August 2010 through August 2011, with the social network posting an 88 percent market-share increase.
  • Facebook’s market-share increase in the United States for the same period was five percent.

Readers: Approximately how much time do you think you spend during each Facebook session?

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