Super Bowl XLVI Features Facebook Command Center

Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis February 5 will feature the New England Patriots, the New York Giants, and a 2,800-square-foot social media command center.

Mashable reported that for the first time ever, the big game is featuring a social media command center in downtown Indianapolis, from which strategists, analysts, and tech people are monitoring Super Bowl-related conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, providing visitors with services such as directions, attraction details, and, in a worst-case scenario, disaster information.

The hub is being managed by digital marketing agency Raidious, and Chief Executive Officer Taulbee Jackson told Mashable the folks manning the screens will be able to pick up on certain keywords, offering as an example the fact that visiting fans won’t necessarily have to use phrases such as, “Where can I find parking?” as general phrases such as “parking sucks” will prompt assistance.

Jackson also told Mashable:

Social media is just how people interact now. We felt it was critical to have some horsepower behind that aspect of the Super Bowl here, versus what you might have seen from other Super Bowls.

Speaking of horsepower, Mashable reported that the command center, which opened its doors Monday, requires the following resources:

  • More than one mile of Ethernet cable;
  • More than 150 square feet of networked screen space; and
  • More than 20 people on duty for 15 hours per day.

Our take: This is definitely an intriguing concept, and it’s good to see the National Football League and the organizers of the Super Bowl recognizing the impact of social media. However, in this particular case, the efforts appear to be geared more toward Twitter, where tweets are public and easily found by keyword or hashtag, than Facebook, where users would have to take extra steps to ensure that the right people saw their status updates or other content.

Readers: Do you think social media command centers like the one Raidious set up in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI will start appearing at other big events?

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