App Shows Text Only Version Of Facebook — But Why Would You Want To Do That?

Facebook pages load pretty quickly, but a new application from SpaceNext aims to show them to you faster by stripping out the types of content that are most popular on the site: images and videos.

TextOnly claims to speed sharing of content via Facebook by stripping out ads, images, scripts, and videos, and, as the app’s name suggests, supplying only readable text.

SpaceNext developer Shan (yeah, that’s his name) touts the following benefits of TextOnly:

  • Readable content from websites displayed in an easy-to-read format;
  • Less data usage;
  • More sharing of links on Facebook;
  • More time saved due to less data usage;
  • People will share more links on Facebook.

The way we see it, this app would have been useful back in the days of dial-up connections and 14.4-kilobit-per-second modems.

But according to projections from eMarketer, 82.5 million of the 85.7 million total U.S. Internet users at the end of 2011 will connect via broadband.

And AlertSite reported earlier this year that the average page-loading time on Facebook had been cut to 0.75 seconds as of March 31 from 1.06 seconds (still pretty quick) at year-end 2010.

Not to mention, photos are one of the most popular elements on the social network: Why eliminate them?

With so much content available on the web, content creators turn to elements such as images, videos, podcasts, infographics, and other multimedia to differentiate their offerings — exactly the content elements stripped out by TextOnly.

And with so much content shared via Facebook, an eye-catching element like a thumbnail helps draw users’ attention to the link being shared.

TextOnly claims to share content “faster than Zuckerberg’s like button,” but a click is still a click.

Readers: Do you see any benefits of stripped, text-only content being shared, or do you want the whole package?

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