Facebook Finally Breaks Out Mobile Users For Some Countries In Leaked ‘Facebook: The Annual’

AllOfThePeopleWhoMatterToYou650Facebook finally responded to calls for more specific data on monthly active users, daily active users, and mobile MAUs and DAUs by specific country, but only in a eMagazine distributed to its advertising partners, titled “Facebook: The Annual.” However, a copy was leaked to TechCrunch.

During the social network’s quarterly earnings calls, it has only detailed its MAU and DAU totals by region, and mobile MAUs and DAUs were only expressed as global totals.

Countries highlighted by Facebook in “The Annual,” and their respective statistics, courtesy of TechCrunch:


  • 33 million MAUs
  • 24 million DAUs
  • 26 million mobile MAUs
  • 20 million mobile DAUs
  • 69 percent of British Internet users are on Facebook
  • 73 percent of MAUs are also DAUs
  • 51 percent of British mobile phone users are Facebook users


  • 33 million MAUs
  • 19 million DAUs
  • 20 million mobile MAUs
  • 9.5 million mobile DAUs


  • 26 million MAUs
  • 18 million DAUs
  • 17 million mobile MAUs
  • 11 million mobile DAUs
  • 63 percent of French Internet users are on Facebook
  • 69 percent of MAUs are also DAUs
  • 33 percent of French mobile phone users are Facebook users


  • 25 million MAUs
  • 19 million DAUs
  • 18 million mobile MAUs
  • 13 million mobile DAUs
  • 43 percent of German Internet users are on Facebook
  • 76 percent of MAUs are also DAUs
  • 27 percent of German mobile phone users are Facebook users


  • 23 million MAUs
  • 17 million DAUs
  • 16 million mobile MAUs
  • 10 million mobile DAUs
  • 71 percent of Italian Internet users are on Facebook
  • 74 percent of MAUs are also DAUs
  • 32 percent of Italian mobile phone users are Facebook users


  • 18 million MAUs
  • 12 million DAUs
  • 13 million mobile MAUs
  • 8.1 million mobile DAUs
  • 58 percent of Spanish Internet users are on Facebook
  • 67 percent of MAUs are also DAUs
  • 32 percent of Spanish mobile phone users are Facebook users


  • 4.9 million MAUs
  • 3.8 million DAUs
  • 4 million mobile MAUs
  • 3 million mobile DAUs
  • 57 percent of Swedish Internet users are on Facebook
  • 78 percent of MAUs are also DAUs
  • 53 percent of Swedish mobile phone users are Facebook users


  • 3.8 million MAUs
  • 2.7 million DAUs
  • 2.9 million mobile MAUs
  • 2 million mobile DAUs
  • 71 percent of MAUs are also DAUs

Vice President for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa Nicola Mendelsohn penned the following introduction to “Facebook: The Annual”:

“Move fast.” Before I joined Facebook, I thought of these as two simple words. I had no idea how important they were to the fabric of this company, and how they influence our actions and decisions every single day. And although I had experienced fast-paced environments before, I certainly couldn’t have guessed how my first six months would flash past in a blur of activity.

But even when moving fast, it’s important to take time to reflect — if only for a moment. This book is one of those moments: a rare opportunity to take stock of the journey we’ve been on over the past 12 months. It’s been an incredible year not just for Facebook, but for our clients and partners, too.

In the year in which we hit the 1 million-advertiser mark, there are more of you than ever before, enjoying great success on our platform and helping us evolve our business so we can better understand and serve your needs.

“Facebook: The Annual” is our way of taking the time to say thank you. It’s a collection of articles we’ve published throughout the year in our regular newsletter, the “Facebook Download,” alongside brand-new content, insights, and perspectives from across the region. It’s an extended digest of 2013, but also a snapshot of where we are and where we’re headed.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2014.

“Facebook: The Annual” also offered the following series of quotes from Facebook VP of Product Chris Cox:

We’re not ever going to be a media company. There’s not a great history of mediums becoming good at creating content.

The interesting thing about mobile was that we knew it was coming: We just chose the wrong approach.

Having a publishing tool in your pocket is a brand-new idea.

Now we have the technology side figured out. You’re starting to see things that only Facebook can do.

Whether we’re talking about users or advertisers, we think of it definitely as one piece of fabric.

Every single content stream in the history of content has had adverts, and there’s a reason for that.

When Facebook started in 2004, getting a photo onto it meant getting a USB drive and a camera — it was a pain in the ass, and nobody did it. Today, hundreds of millions of pieces of content are flowing through the system.

We are a medium, and we’re really focused on reliability, ease of use, speed, and getting out of the way.

The interesting question for us is: What does it mean for great content to live inside of Facebook?

The real question is not, “Are there ads in your system?,” but, “Are there great ads?”

And “Facebook: The Annual” also includes:

The entire “Facebook: The Annual” publication can be seen in the post by TechCrunch.

Readers: Would you like to see Facebook make more of the data and features contained within “Facebook: The Annual” available to the public?


Screenshots courtesy of TechCrunch.

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