Facebook Tests Timeline Design With Activity On Left, Posts On Right

Last month, social media expert Mari Smith found out that Facebook was testing a redesign to a proposed one-column timeline layout. According to sister site Inside Facebook, it appears that another design is being tested, as well — one that places open graph activity on the left and posts on the right.

Tipster Matt Navarra sent in this screenshot to Inside Facebook, showing activity and friends sampling on the left, with posts on the right:

It’s important to note that this is simply a test and does not mean that this will be implemented anytime soon on a permanent basis.

Open graph activity — such as songs listened to or achievements in games played — is off to the left, and posts made by the user and his or her friends are on the right — a switch from the previous design shown by Smith and ABC News.

Inside Facebook’s Brittany Darwell noted that when a user wants to highlight a post on their page, it gets a blue banner instead of being made bigger and spread across the layout.

This single-column timeline addresses one of the main complaints about the current format, which moves posts around as it loads.

Readers: What do you think about this latest tested design?

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