Facebook Upgrades Its Commenting System

Comments IconThis afternoon Facebook announced that the recently launched comment system has now been installed on over 50,000 websites, and to mark the milestone the site is releasing a number of new features.

Larger News Feed Stories

One of the most significant upgrades is an increased size for comments in the news feed. The result is that those publications which implement the new comment service are likely to have an increased conversion from news feed exposure. Just like the Facebook like button, comments will soon become a significant source of referral traffic from within the site.

Comments API

While Facebook has had a comments application programming interface for a while, the new commenting system now officially has its own API as well, documented on the site’s official developer blog. Careful application of these specs ought to enable the mining of comment data to reward active visitors, and also to display some of the most active conversations. While this isn’t yet a replacement for Echo, I’m sure there are a lot of developer who look forward to deeper access to Facebook comments.

Dark Color Scheme

While I’m not sure which color Facebook has chosen that will match most dark sites, it will definitely blend much better than having white comments on a black background, which is even worse.

Login With Hotmail!

If you are still using Hotmail, it may be time that you upgrade to a more modern email system, such as Gmail or even Yahoo Mail. However, if you think getting free email is a unique thing, there’s a chance you may still have Hotmail. Fortunately for you, you’ll now be able to use your Hotmail account to post comments within the upgrade comments plugin. While there’s no official blog post with details for developers, I’m guessing there will be something published later today or later this week so you can implement all the features on your own website.

What do you think about these improvements to the commenting system, readers?

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