Facebook Upgrades Their iPhone App

-iPhone Icon-Last night Facebook pushed out a new version of their iPhone application which includes a few upgrades including the ability to watch Facebook Video. While I’ve personally found that the Facebook iPhone application doesn’t load properly, I have a feeling that it may have to do with the number of friends that I have on the service. Other upgrades with the new application include the ability to view and write on walls of events, and photos that are uploaded are now 720 pixels wide.

Another feature that I hadn’t realized was available previously is the ability to change between the feeds that you are viewing. For example, you can now filter your feed by friend lists. While it’s not a huge upgrade, it shows that Facebook is at least continuing to develop the application despite Joe Hewitt, the original developer of the application, quitting development on the app.

As MG Siegler pointed out, the application is not free from flaws. On my own iPhone the Facebook application simply doesn’t function properly. When I try to upload images, it takes 10 times of the application crashing before I can get it up and running properly. While Siegler’s primary complaints surrounded the lack of iOS4 and iPad support, my only complaint is that the application simply doesn’t work often and can be pretty slow.

Anyways, Facebook is clearly dedicated to at least pushing out updates to the application, so I’d expect to see additional applications, including an iPad app at some point in the near future.

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