Facebook Wins Three-Year-Old Suit Against Power.com

In yet another example of our speedy justice system, Facebook was declared the winner of a lawsuit originally filed in December 2008 against Power Ventures and Power.com, which accessed and stored users’ login information without permission.

Bloomberg reported that U.S. District Judge James Ware ruled in favor of the social network, and the next step will be a hearing on damages.

Meanwhile, time has not been kind to Cayman Islands-based Power Ventures, as Bloomberg reported that Power.com is on the block.

Facebook said in the lawsuit that Power.com allowed its users to access their Facebook messages and other information from Facebook’s servers, without permission, according to Bloomberg.

The social network also accused Power.com of copyright infringement, computer fraud, and violating unfair competition laws.

Ware said in his ruling, as reported by Bloomberg:

The undisputed facts establish that defendants circumvented technical barriers.

Craig Clark, lead litigation counsel for Facebook, told Bloomberg in an email:

We are pleased that the court ruled in our favor. We will continue to enforce our rights against bad actors who attempt to circumvent Facebook’s privacy and security protections and spam people.

Power Ventures Chief Executive Officer Steven Vachani responded, also via email to Bloomberg:

Facebook has established a dangerous precedent for the future of users’ rights to own and control their data. We intend to aggressively continue this fight.

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