WARNING: Amazon Isn't Giving Gifts To Facebook Users

Amazon.com doesn’t give away free gift cards on Facebook. Posts promising them were going up on the social network some 15 hours ago and in all likelihood the scheme may revive itself using a different address — whatever you do, don’t click on them.

Sophos’ Naked Security blog reported on the latest scam, which follows the pattern of many previous ruses.

Clicking on one of the takes you to a third-party page that asks you to share links and adding comments, making it more likely that users’ friends will assume the offer is authentic. After that, the next page asked people to sign up for a premium-rate mobile-phone service that is probably only premium for the carrier that gets to pocket the cash.

This particular scam seems to have petered out about 15 hours prior to the time of this post, but the warning still stands for users who don’t check the social network frequently, or in case of any copycat scams.

This gift-card scam stood out for offering $500 Amazon gift cards. Obviously, not every Facebook user is active, but would Amazon, or any company, run the risk of handing out $500 apiece to 800 million users? We think not.

Readers: Have you seen any posts similar to the one pictured?

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