ALERT: Amy Winehouse, Norway Scams Hit Facebook

Unfortunately, with the death of any high profiled celebrity, opportunistic scammers will try to capitalize off internet traffic and interest following said death. So it’s no surprise Amy Winehouse death scams took to Facebook just hours after she was found dead in her Camden home on Saturday. Watch where you click when this star’s name appears on the site.

There have been several iterations of the “Amy Winehouse is Dead” scam. Some mention a leaked video of Amy getting high on crack hours before her death.

Others claim to be “shocking video footage released of Amy Winehouse moments before her death.”

All of these are scams are fake, so don’t click on them unless you want your friends spammed with a link to take an online survey. These scams usually use the interest in breaking news stories to trick people into taking a survey in which the scammers usually earn a commission for each completed survey.

The links usually promise the promoted video after completion, but since the video does not exist, the user will be prompted to enter a phone number or other information that scammers can use to either charge them, or take money right out of an account, according to Websense.

The article said anybody can use the same template application to create a Facebook thread in minutes. In fact, another scam based on the news was circulating last week, this one following the Norway attacks. Facebook was able to clean those out quickly, only to have the Winehouse scam replace it.

Bottom line: When breaking news hits, only click on news sources coming from URLs you know and trust.

Did you see posts n your friends’ news feeds resembling the Amy Winehouse or the Norway attack scams?

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