CastleVille Grows Faster Than All Other Facebook Apps

CastleVille continues to grow faster than any other application on Facebook.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

Name Daily Active Users Monthly Active Users Weekly Growth
1. CastleVille 7,200,000 18,700,000 15,400,000
2. Static Iframe Tab 1,000,000 27,700,000 1,600,000
3. Washington Post Social Reader 590,000 3,800,000 1,200,000
4. Profile Banner (all languages) 320,000 1,700,000 1,160,000
5. 21 questions 840,000 11,000,000 1,100,000
6. Yahoo! 210,000 8,700,000 800,000
7. Bubble Witch Saga 3,000,000 8,700,000 700,000
8. Spotify 2,500,000 9,000,000 700,000
9. Horóscopo Diário 1,800,000 3,200,000 600,000
10. Skype 2,300,000 9,900,000 600,000
11. The Independent 350,000 1,500,000 550,000
12. Between You and Me 250,000 4,000,000 500,000
13. 70,000 2,500,000 500,000
14. The Guardian 330,000 3,400,000 500,000
15. Words With Friends 5,300,000 12,200,000 500,000
16. Woobox Custom Tab 80,000 1,300,000 400,000
17. Scribd 710,000 14,400,000 400,000
18. Tetris Battle 2,200,000 7,400,000 400,000
19. Truth Game 210,000 3,300,000 400,000
20. BandRx 250,000 5,600,000 300,000


Zynga’s CastleVille continues to surge in popularity, with 15.4 million new players this week making it the clear leader. Also from Zynga, Words With Friends comes in 15th with 500,000 new additions.

Dropping one position, Bubble Witch Saga comes in seventh growing by 700,000 gamers. Tetris Battle sees a 400,000 seven day increase and finishes in 18th place for the second week in a row.


Woobox’s Static Iframe Tab comes in second this week with 1.6 million tabs built and viewed. The developer’s Custom Tab debuts in 16th this week,with 400,000 adds,

The tool helping musicians improve their social networking presence, BandRx, ranks 20th with a 300,000 increase.

Social News

The competition heats up as news is more easily spread throughout Facebook. Washington Post Social Reader leads the trend, advancing six places to third with 1.2 million additions this week. Yahoo‘s news updates have a sixth place finish this week, with 800,000 newly synched accounts.

The Independent gains 550,000 readers, to come in 11th place. Just three places behind, The Guardian accrues 500,000.

Facebook Connect

Spotify moves up to eighth, with 700,000 adds, while Skype finishes in tenth, with 600,000.

Discount and free goods are hard to resist, and connects 500,000 new users, for a 13th place finish. Scribd finishes down four places from last week, coming in 17th, with 400,000 adds

Just For Fun

Profile Banner (all languages) takes a huge leap ahead, 13 places, to finish fourth with 1.16 million additions .

Horóscopo Diário debuts on the list in ninth place, adding 600,000 this week.

Question Apps

The question application trend doesn’t muster the same momentum, but 21 questions still manages an impressive 1.1 million increase in fifth place. Also decreasing by two places from its previous ranking, Between You and Me ends in the 12th position growing by 500,000 inquisitive social networking friends.

We end with the return of Truth Game in 19th; 400,000 adds aid in this comeback.

Readers, did you find yourself hooked on any of the week’s fastest growing applications?

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