WARNING: Facebook Does Not Have A ‘Fan Page Verification Program’

Facebook page administrators, beware: There is no such thing as a “Fan Page Verification Program,” and following the instructions in the messages that claim to originate from Facebook Security will lead to login details being compromised as part of a phishing scheme.

Hoax-Slayer reported on the phishing scheme, which attempts to lure page admins to click links and choose 10-digit security codes, warning them that their pages will be suspended permanently if they do not do so by May 30. The message reads (unedited):

Dear Facebook User,

You are receiving this message to notify you about the new security feature from Facebook called “Fan Page Verification Program”.

After many Fan Pages have been stolen lately leaving us no choice but Deleting them forever, we had to come up with an original solution about the Fan Page’s Security.

Luckily, your Fan Page, has a lot of likes and provides High Quality Content, which qualify it for this program.

To complete this process you must choose a 10-digit number (it can be any number) and that number will be assigned as your Security code”. This code will be the new passphrase for changing anything important for your Fan Page, like the Admin roles or other important settings.

Please be aware that this process it’s open only until 30.05.2013 and it’s mandatory to complete it. If you don’t, your Fan Page will be suspended permanently since it is not considered safe for the wide audience.

Please visit the link below to complete the process:

Unsuspecting page admins are then taken to a page which requires them to submit their login information at the same time they choose their 10-digit “security code,” Hoax-Slayer reported, handing their login information to the phishers.

Observant Facebook users should be able to avoid falling prey to this scam by noticing that the URLs they are being directed to are not Facebook.com URLs, and by recognizing that Facebook would never send out a message full of grammatical errors.

Page admins: Have you received any Facebook messages about the “Fan Page Verification Program?”

Screenshots courtesy of Hoax-Slayer. Warning image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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