WARNING: ‘Facebook Hacking Tool’ FBSniffing Will Only Sniff Out Its Users’ Mobile Numbers

FBSniffing650Facebook users shouldn’t try to hack other users under any circumstances, but those who choose to ignore that rule may want to avoid FBSniffing, unless they want to become victims themselves.

Jovi Umawing of Malwarebytes cautioned that while FBSniffing claims to give users the ability to learn the passwords of other users, as well as access their chat logs and extract locally stored Facebook account keys from Google Chrome, it comes at a cost — namely, the mobile phone numbers of the FBSniffing users.

FBSniffing obtains the mobile phone numbers of unsuspecting users by sending them PIN codes to access its service, according to Umawing, after which not only do they never get to access the information they sought, but they are unwittingly subscribed to expensive mobile services.

Umawing wrote:

May this bogus site serve as a reason for users considering trying hacking not to do it.

Readers: Have you had any experiences with FBSniffing or similar supposed Facebook hacking tools?


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