Facebook Expands FBX Test For News Feed Ads

In March, Facebook started an alpha test of Facebook Exchange in the News Feed. Monday, Facebook announced that the FBX for News Feed program has been successful so far, and it is expanding in beta. This technology allows advertisers to retarget Facebook users who visited their websites with page post ads in the News Feed, and not just sidebar ads.

Facebook noted that the initial test with Nanigans, MediaMath, and Tellapart went well enough that now additional businesses via qualified demand-side platforms can retarget ads on News Feed. As of Monday, all qualified DSPs have beta access and have the ability to implement FBX News Feed ads.

Facebook announced this in a blog post:

In this beta, DSPs can implement all types of campaigns, including those with product-specific creative, by creating unpublished page posts and selecting the right one for the right user at the right time. We are working on integrating FBX real-time dynamic creative functionality (highly customized and/or optimized ad creatives that allow on-the-fly creative modification) for the link page post ad format.

For a list of qualified DSPs, visit www.facebook-pmdcenter.com/fbx. For more information on how to prepare for desktop page post link ads in FBX, reach out to your Facebook account team.

Readers: Have you used FBX ad technology?

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