Foursquare Vs Facebook: The Ultimate Showdown [Results]

Earlier this week we posted a poll about Facebook versus Foursquare. Today, we have the results.

While this is by no means a scientific approach, we’ve polled over 675 people on their views about Foursquare versus Facebook and whether or not the launch of Facebook Places would spell doom for the company. Overall there were a lot of people who voted in support of Foursquare, however what’s clear is that there is still ongoing debate over the issue. 41 percent of people believed that Foursquare would continue to exist, whereas 30 percent thought that Facebook would win in the end. Only 16 percent believed the two could co-exist.

The irony of the poll was that given the polarization of most people, (70 percent voted for either Facebook or Foursquare), it may actually be that both can co-exist. For the time being, I’d have to place my vote in Facebook’s camp as I’m not quite sure why I need to check-in on Foursquare. For those who voted in favor of Foursquare, can you explain why you would prefer checking in there over Facebook?

Foursquare Vs Facebook Poll Results

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