This Week’s Facebook Hoaxes: Free Samsung Galaxy S IV Smartphones, Justin Bieber Dead

The latest round of Facebook hoaxes involve promises of free Samsung Mobile USA Galaxy S IV smartphones and news of the death of Justin Bieber in a car crash.

Lifehacker Australia reported on the Galaxy S IV scam, nothing that the new smartphone will not be released until March 14, despite the scammers’ attempt at skirting the facts (unedited):

We received 5000 Samsung Galaxy S4 (64GB) which can not be released, Therefore, we will take 5000 people among those who share this photo and Like Our Page.

Lifehacker Australia also pointed out that Samsung uses roman numerals to brands its Galaxy line of smartphones, and the scam posts interchange between Galaxy S IV and Galaxy S4. Also, unsurprisingly, Samsung confirmed to Lifehacker Australia that the posts did not come from the company.

As for Bieber, Sophos’ Naked Security blog reports that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated, adding that Facebook users are sharing bogus stories about the pop star’s demise in a car crash that link to a website called Global Associated News, which has been used to auto-generate similar fake death stories about other celebrities.

Naked Security wrote of the Bieber hoax:

Sadly, careless Facebook users are resharing this bogus story of Justin Bieber’s death to all and sundry, keeping the hoax alive and helping drive traffic to a website that thinks it is clever to play such sick pranks.

Get your real news from real news websites. Don’t trust Google or your Facebook friends, as they may be sharing links and stories that simply aren’t true.

Samsung Galaxy S IV hoax screenshots courtesy of Lifehacker Australia. Justin Bieber death hoax screenshots courtesy of Naked Security. Hoax image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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