Friend2Friend’s Social Engagement Platform Helps Brands Succeed On Facebook Mobile

Companies pour tons of money into making sure their product looks amazing on Facebook’s desktop version, but the results don’t always translate into a nice-looking package for mobile users. As Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted in the last earnings report, the number of people who check Facebook from their phone is roughly 600 million and growing. Friend2Friend, a social marketing technology company, released a significant update Wednesday to its Social Engagement Platform, allowing companies to build mobile-first Facebook campaigns.

There are several challenges facing companies that want to dazzle on mobile, but the rewards are also higher. Friend2Friend cited an AdParlor Research study that showed that Facebook mobile users like 63 percent more frequently and comment 22 percent more often than desktop users. Friend2Friend’s own research found that seven out of 10 of the largest consumer brands have active Facebook social engagement campaigns that simply don’t work for mobile fans.

Many marketers don’t have the tools to succeed on mobile as they would on desktop. Friend2Friend believes it has solved the gap. Brands who use the company’s technology — such as Outside magazine, Calvin Klein, and Nickelodeon — have seen a 500 percent increase in mobile likes to their brand pages.

Friend2Friend CEO Roger Katz spoke with AllFacebook about the challenges facing companies seeking success on mobile:

We’re seeing our customers realizing a massive shift with their customers engaging on Facebook and with their applications on smartphones. There’s an increasing percentage — upward of one-third to one-half of users based in the U.S. — engaging on these Facebook fan pages. What we see, in surveying some of the biggest pages in the market, is that those experiences today by and large don’t play on smartphones. You link through and you get a dead link or you bounce back out to the wall, or maybe it’s an experience that was supersized for the desktop and then shrunken down and displayed in a font and a (user interface) where there’s no way the user can interact with it.

Friend2Friend’s latest update to its Social Engagement Platform seeks to solve these problems. The platform includes the following features:

  • A self-serve system that allows brands to build effective mobile-optimized engagement experiences and apps once, and deploy those experiences simultaneously on desktop and mobile platforms.
  • A self-serve system that allow brands to build and deploy a completely integrated mobile brand presence in a few steps — combining engagement campaigns into a dynamic, stand-alone Mobile Showcase App that can be promoted through all marketing channels, such as the Facebook news feed (including Facebook’s mobile-compatible sponsored posts and stories) email, Twitter, and QR codes.
  • A self-serve system that automatically builds a mobile-compatible “SmartLink” and accompanying printable QR code for driving traffic to engagement experiences built and managed by the Friend2Friend platform.

Several brands have been pleased with Friend2Friend’s services. For instance, Outside magazine ran a Facebook contest asking users to pick the best river town, but wanted to make sure that those who check Facebook from their phone or tablet didn’t miss out on any of the fun.

Here’s the desktop version:

And here’s the mobile version:

Jen Wittman, director of marketing at Outside magazine and Outside Online, discussed how Friend2Friend has helped the magazine reach out to its mobile Facebook fans:

Friend2Friend delivers the technology, engagement tools, and expertise that allows us to engage all our existing audiences — especially mobile fans — while cultivating new friends of fans. Mobile has been instrumental in increasing traffic in our social campaigns. In fact, mobile was responsible for more than 70 percent of traffic to our Adventure Grant social campaign completed in the summer of 2012, and close to one-half of all activity in our Outside Gear Wishlist app is conducted by mobile fans. We fully expect this trend to continue, and with Friend2Friend, we are prepared for it.

Molly Cuffe, senior manager, global brand communication at SmartWool, also sung Friend2Friend’s praises:

We have an incredibly loyal, passionate and engaged group of fans. Connecting with them in unique and meaningful ways is a top priority for us. For example, they are active outdoor enthusiasts who tend not to sit still for too long. Therefore, connecting with them via mobile is critical to our long-range success. We conceived our SmartWool Fanalog— a fan-powered social catalog developed by Friend2Friend — to tap into the passion of our fans for our products. By leveraging Friend2Friend’s mobile-optimized platform, we’re able to design and develop an exceptional branded experience that’s wholly suited to our growing mobile fan base.

Readers: How do you optimize your Facebook content for mobile?

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