REPORT: Facebook Rated No. 1 By Interns

Intern650Interns rated Facebook as the best company to intern with, according to the latest report from social jobs and career community Glassdoor, which added that the social network debuted on its list at No. 1, dethroning two-time leader Google.

Facebook’s 4.6 rating edged Google’s 4.6, and other tech companies that performed well among interns that supplied feedback to Glassdoor were: Qualcomm (4.5, third overall), Epic Systems (4.5, No. 5 overall), and Intel (No. 6).

Glassdoor also broke out companies hiring interns by city, and it found nearly 900 in New York, followed by 500 in Los Angeles, and more than 450 in the San Francisco Bay area.

Facebook interns provided the following feedback to Glassdoor about working at the social network:

A software engineer intern based at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park said:

The culture is pretty awesome and has staying power. The intern program is amazing and everyone is actually happy that the interns are there.

And another software engineer intern, based in Seattle, said:

The company culture embraces independence, quick problem solving, and strong communication skills. There is a strong work hard, play hard mentality.

And a business operations intern at the social network shared the following interview question:

You have a bag of N strings, and at random, you pull out an end. You pull out another end and you tie the two ends together. You take another two string ends and tie them together. You repeat this until there are no loose ends left to pull out of the bag. What is the expected number of loops?

Readers: Why do you think interns have embraced Facebook?


Intern image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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