How To Advance Your Agenda On Facebook

Expert, influencer, thought leader, guru — regardless of which of these terms you identify with, Facebook can help to show off your expertise and share useful content with your friends.

Public relations tacticians know that one way to build credibility is by sharing relevant information, such as interesting news clips, information about events you’re attending, speaking engagements, press mentions, awards and blog posts, with the people who matter.

Maybe you’re a real whiz in a particular subject, like baseball statistics, personal bankruptcy law or credit default swaps. Facebook is a great platform to express your unique point of view.

Following are a few Facebook features that can help issue experts get the most out of their social networking presence.


You know the saying, “Content is king?” On Facebook, engagement rules the day. The polls feature is a great way to stay connected to your community and hear what they have to say.


Experts can take advantage of the same benefits that Facebook questions offer major brands and businesses; the ability to tap into the online opinions and recommendations of friends. Facebook questions is also free, putting the power of market research directly into the hands of an expert.


Video makes every story more interesting. Did you appear on a local TV program? Or appear on a panel presentation that was tape? If so, consider posting the video on Facebook. Another way to incorporate video is to tape your own brief video in response to news in your industry or area of expertise.

Once you’ve built an engaged community, look at integrating some of Facebook’s latest features, like a video chat or livestream of an event you’re participating in to maximize your exposure and build a wider fan base.

Head Shot

Use a quality photo as your profile picture. Avoid any image that is silly or inappropriate. Bonus points if you’ve got a photo that shows you in your element–maybe a screen shot of you from a TV appearance, or surrounded by law books.

Blog Posts

If you have a blog, consider integrating your blog posts automatically into Facebook when you add updates. Or, you can go a different direction entirely, by adding content to your Facebook page or profile that’s exclusive to the site, one tactic to boost “likes” and build a more engaged Facebook audience.

The pay-offs in building your thought leadership can vary, from the satisfaction of sharing your unique world view with the people who matter, requests to speak at an event, obtaining a new job or the book deal you’ve always wanted.

Readers, what do you think about using Facebook in this way?

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