HUGE: Facebook Clarifies Contest Guidelines

What may look like a simple restriction on contests posted on Facebook actually stops scamware in its tracks.

A spokesperson for Facebook has confirmed that the contest policy hasn’t changed, but rather that Facebook has simplified the language.

Like our sibling blog GalleyCat astutely pointed out, contests may not require anything of a Facebook user other than:

  • liking a page,
  • checking into a page, or
  • connecting with an application.

Now, if you’ve ever clicked on any posting promising a free gift and leading to a marketing questionnaire, with fine print specifying that completing a survey enters you in a drawing, you can see the security implications of reining in contest guidelines.

Of course, most Facebook users have learned to recognize these posts as the scams that they are and delete them, then warn their friends about them.

The contest guidelines also state that you cannot make entrance into a contest conditional upon a user:

  • liking a wall post
  • posting a comment, or
  • uploading a photo.

The rules state that you cannot use Facebook’s like button as a voting mechanism for a promotion and that none of the social network’s brand, trademarks, copyrights or intellectual property for a promotion,

Readers, what do you think about Facebook’s policy for contest guidelines?

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