INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Will Beat Twitter For Super Bowl Ad Conversation

Let’s be honest: You watch the Super Bowl as much for the ads as for the football. And the always hotly anticipated ads make for great conversation, both in real-life and on social media. Social influence marketing platform Crowdtap polled 1,000 men and women to find out how consumers will be sharing Super Bowl ads before, during, and after the big game Sunday.

The key takeaways from Crowdtap’s infographic below were:

  • One out of four viewers will post about Super Bowl ads on social media before the game.
  • Facebook will dominate gametime activity, with 55.8 percent of respondents posting on Facebook about the Super Bowl during the game. The next most likely digital action is sending a text message (41.5 percent), followed by a phone call (28.1 percent). Only 25.1 percent of respondents said they’ll be tweeting about the Super Bowl. That’s a significant difference: More than one-half of respondents will post on Facebook about the Super Bowl, while only one-quarter will tweet.
  • 62.2 percent of viewers will rewatch ads after the Super Bowl.
  • After the game, 73 percent of respondents will follow brands on Facebook or Twitter, and 27 percent will follow teams on those channels.

Readers: Do you plan to post on social media about the Super Bowl before, during, or after the game?

(Super Bowl graphic via Yahoo; infographic via Crowdtap.)

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Will Beat Twitter For Super Bowl Ad Conversation