PageData: ‘Iron Man 3′ Beats ‘Gatsby’ At Box Office, On Facebook

In the box office and on Facebook, Tony Stark has trumped Jay Gatsby. Among the top-grossing movies from this past weekend, Iron Man 3 bested The Great Gatsby in terms of new likes over the past week. Additionally, it appears that the big-screen adaptation of The Great Gatsby has led to more likes for the Facebook page of the legendary book.

In a comparison of the 10 top-grossing films from this weekend, Iron Man 3 reigned supreme on Facebook over The Great Gatsby and The Croods.

Weekend box office totals, courtesy of Fandango:

  1. Iron Man 3 ($72.47M)
  2. The Great Gatsby ($51.12M)
  3. Pain & Gain ($5.0M)
  4. Peeples ($4.85M)
  5. 42 ($4.65M)
  6. Oblivion ($3.86M)
  7. The Croods ($3.60M)
  8. The Big Wedding ($2.50M)
  9. Mud ($2.34M)
  10. Oz: The Great And Powerful ($0.80M)

In terms of Facebook page activity, Iron Man 3 came out on top again. Here are the numbers courtesy of sister site PageData. However, figures for Peeples and Mud were not available. As of Monday, 25,122 people are talking about Peeples, which has 122,669 likes. On Facebook, 5,088 people are talking about Mud, which has 41,710 likes.

These numbers are sorted by the change in likes this week:

Name Likes Δ Today Δ This Week PTAT Δ Today Δ This Week
Iron Man 14,506,157 +16,678 +122,003 801,677 -40,882 -289,464
The Great Gatsby 596,317 +15,572 +104,349 376,851 +29,601 +93,681
The Croods 1,353,979 +2,272 +18,627 30,603 -2,957 -15,036
Pain & Gain 452,096 +765 +5,383 46,683 -7,380 -36,533
Oz The Great and Powerful 961,621 +756 +4,459 45,339 +2,681 -34,055
Oblivion 204,123 +612 +4,396 15,100 -3,434 -32,165
42 372,498 +147 +882 1,734 0 -3,598
The Big Wedding 89,370 +167 +847 1,534 -324 -10,969

While Iron Man’s page was the most popular, it’s also worth noting that the release of The Great Gatsby has had a limited positive effect on the Facebook page of the book upon which the movie was based. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s legendary 1925 novel has nearly twice as many fans as the 2013 big-screen adaptation.

Name Likes Δ Today Δ This Week PTAT Δ Today Δ This Week
The Great Gatsby (book) 1,011,591 +1,330 +7,987 24,807 -2,438 -10,031
The Great Gatsby (movie) 596,317 +15,572 +104,349 376,851 +29,601 +93,681


In anticipation of the movie, the Facebook page for the book has grown in likes.

Readers: What is your favorite movie that came out recently?


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