Israelis Are More Engaged Than Americans On Facebook

Israelis spend more time per person on social media than people in any other country, yet the percentage of Israel’s population that uses the technology doesn’t rank in the top ten.

Meanwhile, the U.S. ranks first for having the largest percentage of the population using social media, yet the country doesn’t make the top ten for the amount of time spent per person using the technology.

Those gems of data appear in a comScore report somewhat misleadingly entitled “Top 10 Need-To-Knows About Social Media And Where It’s Headed.”

The actual list of 10 itself consists of things we’ve heard about already, but the charts that accompany each of these items present the most helpful information.

That said, we’ve got the list below for you, but you’ll want to pay more attention to the niftiest of the charts that we’ve surrounded this post with. And do let us know in the comments section what insights you glean from the comScore data.

  1. Social networking is the most popular online activity worldwide.
  2. Social networking behavior both transcends and reflects regional differences around the world.
  3. The importance of Facebook cannot be overstated.
  4. Microblogging has emerged as a disruptive new force in social networking.
  5. Local social networks are making inroads globally.
  6. It’s not just young people using social networking anymore — it’s everyone.
  7. “Digital natives” suggest communications are going social.
  8. Social networking leads in online display advertising in the U.S., but lags in share of dollars.
  9. The next disrupters have yet to be decided.
  10. Mobile devices are fueling the social addiction.

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