Kontagent Tracks One In Six Facebookers

The Facebook analytics platform Kontagent now tracks one out of every six people who have accounts on the site, who together generate about 15 billion messages a month.

The startup put out a press release this morning saying the application tracks 100 million monthly active users on behalf of clients, up from 70 million in October. Compare this to January 2009, when Kontagent was tracking just two million monthly active users.

Kontagent’s clientele includes big-name game developers like EA, Gaia, Konami, Perfect World, Sony, Take2, Tencent, THQ, and Ubisoft. Companies like these use the analytics software to measure and improve their monetization efforts.

The client roster and their corresponding user bases, along with the fact that the startup had won an fbFund grant, together speak highly of Kontagent’s success, but we wish there were statistics on market share. All we can say conclusively is that five out of every six Facebook users aren’t tracked by Kontangent on behalf of clientele.

There are so many different analytics applications for Facebook that we can’t fit them all in a single article. In all likelihood the clientele use more than one app for analyzing their users, or at least the larger developers probably do. The lack of more concrete detail about the competitive landscape keeps us from being able to put Kontagent’s user numbers in context.

Readers, what insights do you have about the overall market for Facebook analytics and how Kontagent stacks up against the competition?

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