Facebook Increases Type Size In News Feed

Facebook slightly increased the type size for user names and text in wall posts in the news feed for some users, making them a little easier to read for most people, except one developer, apparently.

Shan of SpaceNext.com released a Google Chrome extension called Facebook Font that reverts the news feed font size to the smaller, pre-change one, but why? He wrote in an email:

Facebook has made the font size big, which is terrible, which makes it difficult to read, so I came out with this extension, which would change the font size on Facebook’s news feed to the old size.

Again, why? If anything, the new type size makes the news feed easier to read, not difficult. Are we missing something here?

Of course, we are talking about the very same developer who released an application last year that creates a text-only version of Facebook, eliminating popular elements such as photos and videos.

Readers: Are you as confused as we are?

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