LocationInsight Helps Keep AAA Carolinas’ Local Facebook Pages In Tow

AAA relies on location more than most organizations, and location-marketing-technology provider LocationInsight announced that it is working with AAA Carolinas to enable the nonprofit to take advantage of Facebook’s “parent-child” page locator system, as well as location data from Facebook and Foursquare, in providing the most relevant local information and promotions to its members.

AAA Carolinas is using LocationInsight for Facebook to manage its local office pages and ensure that consistent content appears on both corporate and individual pages.

The “parent” AAA Carolinas page features an interactive map with links to each location’s “child” page, as well as information including hours, services provided, and promotions.

All of the individual offices are also integrated with location-based mobile application Foursquare, allowing AAA Carolinas to provide accurate information based on users’ check-ins.

AAA Carolinas Digital Marketing Manager Heather McBrien said in a release:

As widespread adoption of Facebook and Foursquare is hitting critical mass, the social networks have become an important destination for AAA Carolinas. However, with the sheer number of local offices in the region, it became difficult to manage each location’s hours of operation, service offerings, promotions, and other unique information. With LocationInsight’s location management solution, we can now effectively manage each of our locations’ social pages with accurate information at scale.

LocationInsight CEO Ari Kaufman added:

LocationInsight’s location management technology makes it easy for companies like AAA Carolinas to control their brand message and identity across multiple platforms and publishers, as well as on their location pages. Our technology streamlines the process for updating each location’s individual page to promote the maintenance of accurate and relevant content. Through our social partners, including Facebook and Foursquare, we are now able to offer another layer of scalable location management to clients like AAA Carolinas.

Readers: Have you ever encountered an issue with inconsistent information on the local Facebook pages of a larger company or organization?

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