Couple Meets In Mafia Wars, Gets Married

Playing Mafia Wars on Facebook might not seem like the most productive use of time but for two Florida residents it had the best outcome ever. John Sweeney and Joanne Doane‘s passion for the game led to their very own happy ever after – and a free honeymoon courtesy of Zynga.

Sweeney and Doane, the godfather and godmother of the Mafia Wars True Alliance clan, met playing the game in March 2009. They bonded over mafia clan warfare and spent hours on the phone discussing strategy, before finally meeting and moving in together.

They tied the knot at Central Station in Treasure Island, Florida last weekend but have delayed the honeymoon until January because of work commitments. The couple is yet to decide where to go for their honeymoon and is currently leaning towards New York or Hawaii. My guess is they would go somewhere with an internet connection so they don’t have to neglect their Mafia Wars clan business! :-)

Sweeney said he and his wife were now a family, along with their dog, five cats and a turtle. “We now can play Mafia Wars together every day, deal with clan business on Facebook and Skype, do our talk radio show ‘The Facebook & Zynga Podcast’, run our various other groups and businesses together as a couple. Some people wonder how we find the time to do everything we do but we balance it out,” Sweeney said.

He added: “Neither one of us were looking for love, love just found us and it was the game, Mafia Wars, that brought us together. And we couldn’t be happier. Thanks Mafia Wars!!!”

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