Facebook Launches Malware Checkpoint

Facebook continued its fight against malware with Tuesday’s launch of a malware checkpoint that will allow users to cleanse their system by using Scan and Repair from McAfee or Security Essentials from Microsoft, both of which are also available via the Antivirus Marketplace the social network launched in April.

The service is available free of charge, with users able to click here for McAfee Scan and Repair or here for Microsoft Security Essentials.

Facebook announced the malware checkpoint in a note on its Facebook Security page:

For the past couple of years, we have developed systems to proactively identify spam and other malicious content posted on Facebook by user devices infected with malware. After we identify a possible infection, we will notify the user and provide, free of charge, an antivirus product capable of cleaning the user’s device. Now, we are pleased to offer these tools directly to the people who use our service.

Previously, if you suspected that you may have malware installed on your device, you would either need to run antivirus on your device or wait until Facebook identified an actionable threat. Now, with our new self-enrollment malware checkpoint, you will be able to proactively obtain your choice of a free antivirus product to scan and clean your system.

The McAfee option will download a small program onto your Windows computer to perform a one-time scan of your system for malware. It will not interfere with your existing antivirus or other security products. After it scans your system, it will give you the option to automatically or manually remove the files it flags as malicious.

The Microsoft Security Essentials option is a full antivirus product. Upon download and install, it will add antivirus software to your computer that will continue to protect your system with the latest antivirus signatures from Microsoft.

Readers: Have you been a victim of malware?

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