Marketing in Social Streams: Driving Product Discovery, Engagement and Advocacy

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Marketing in Social Streams: Driving Product Discovery, Engagement and Advocacy

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If you are a consumer marketer and you’ve been doing social media marketing for some time, you’ve learned a lot about how your consumers discover and engage with your brand in their social streams.

For many of us, we’ve spent most of our time and resources building our fan communities, posting everywhere and trying to drive engagement and amplification in an effort to gain more fans and build loyalty. While many of us have realized some success, as we’ve invested more time and money in our social media efforts, we’ve attracted more and more questions about generating sustained business value.

Many have already taken the first step — bringing their products to their social + mobile consumers. But promoting products in social streams is different than driving brand engagement and requires some new thinking.

Over the past 4 years as we’ve worked with our amazing customers we’ve learned many lessons. None have been more important than uncovering the gap between discovery and purchase. Consumers aren’t in social to shop and they aren’t on your ecommerce site to share. The key challenge before us now is:

How do we transition social + mobile consumers from product discovery to exploration, and on to the path to purchase?

This is the question all digital marketing leaders must ask themselves today. Answering is no longer optional.

This eBook is solely focused on transforming how you address this question and providing guidance so you can get started immediately.

Download eBook now!


Download eBook now!

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