IOS 6 Users Can Now Install Facebook Apps Directly Via Mobile App Install Ads

Mobile Facebook users running iOS 6 will now be able to install applications featured in mobile app install ads directly via Facebook, without being redirected to the App Store, and the social network also introduced some new features for developers looking to take advantage of those ad units.

Facebook said in a post on its developer blog that users accessing the social network via iOS 6 will see App Store appear in separate dialog boxes after clicking on mobile app install ads, and once they have installed the apps, should they choose to do so, they can return to the point on Facebook where they left off.

Developers can now customize the creative in their mobile app install ads directly via the app dashboard, power editor, or the ads application-programming interface, allowing them to tailor descriptions of their apps to the users they are trying to reach, as well as to include larger, more engaging images.

App insights were also updated to give developers access to demographic breakdowns of all app installs by categories including age, gender, and country, with all of the data aggregate and anonymous. Facebook cautioned that developers must install the latest software development kits for iOS and Android in order to measure total installs or the effectiveness of mobile app install ads.

Facebook said in its developer blog post:

We believe that mobile app install ads are great for apps with a high lifetime value of a user. Since launch, a broad range of apps such as Spotify, Hotel Tonight,, and Kabam’s The Hobbit have achieved success getting high-quality installs through mobile app install ads. But we will continue to make updates to the product that improve the experience for people and developers using the ad.

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Readers: Would you be more likely to install an app if you could do so directly from a mobile app install ad, without having to go to the App Store or Google Play?

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