Mom Beat Son With Cables For Using Facebook

An Apopka, Florida mom beat her son with a computer cables after she was notified by a friend that he had posted a cryptic message on his Facebook profile.

Althea Ricketts, 62, received a phone call from a friend last Friday evening, who had stumbled across a disturbing Facebook status update that had been posted by her son. The child’s name and age are being withhheld by police.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the boy’s status update read as follows: “I broke a glass on purpose and kept a piece to play with it later.”

Allegedly, a neighbor stated that the child has a history of being a cutter, inflicting injuries to himself.

Ricketts, upon hearing about her son’s Facebook posting, beat her child with computer cables which caused raised welts on his skin.

Police were called to the scene when the child ran to a neighboring home and frantically stated, that he was terrified his mother would beat him again if he went home.

Officer Josean Velez, who headed the Ricketts investigation, told the newsaper that the mom admitted to hitting her son and was angry because he had lied about having a Facebook page:

Althea stated to me that hitting a child with a cable is a common way of disciplining kids where she comes from.

Ricketts was charged with aggravated child abuse and is being held without bail.

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