Facebook Releases New Beta Version Of Android App

Facebook users who are part of the Facebook for Android Beta Testers program have a new toy to play with, as the social network released a new beta version of its Android application, with several added features.

The new features, as described in a post on the Facebook for Android Beta Testers group, are:

  • Users can now save photos to their devices via the app’s photo viewer.
  • The on-screen menu bar was removed from the bottom of the app for users who don’t have hardware menu buttons.
  • Older notifications will automatically load when users scroll to the end of their recent notifications.
  • An issue that caused blank spaces where users should have seen photos was addressed, as were other bugs.
  • For users of the Home Android overlay, the status bar now shows up at the top of the lock screen by default.

Facebook cautioned its beta-testers that the features are being launched gradually, so they may not see all of the new features immediately upon installing the new beta version of the app.

Android users: What improvements would you like to see in Facebook’s app?

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