Nick Gholkar’s Rules for Enhancing Travels and Life

After journeying around the world, from Bora Bora to Monte Carlo, Nick Gholkar’s travels have included some impressive locations. There are few things that he finds as enjoyable as embarking on an adventure to the farthest reaches of the globe. The world is so expansive that it is almost impossible to fathom what opportunities await for the eager traveler. People who wish to partake in a trip should take the necessary steps to ensure that they are making the most out of their journey. In addition to this, they will also want to follow a strict set of mantras to enhance the overall trip. These rules can even be applied to life beyond the journey, which is why it is important for everyone to always keep them in the back of their minds.


Pack light

Nick Gholkar recommends that everyone pack light, both when it comes to traveling and at home. Travelers will want to minimize the amount of luggage that they are carrying around since too much baggage can be cumbersome. The smaller the suitcase, the better the trip. Travelers will want to be active and unhindered so that they can enjoy the sights. At home, people should follow the same course of action by clearing their house of clutter. By having a spacious home that is free of debris, it is easier to live with an active, freer mindset.


Enjoy the moment

When people travel, they are supposed to savor the moment when they come across a beautiful sight or experience. Travelers like Nick Gholkar do not worry about anything else in the world while they are basking in their journey. Therefore, it is crucial for people to know when to savor the moment and how to avoid worrying about the past or the future. This practice is helpful around the home and workplace. Thinking in the present will let people focus more on their current tasks at hand. When people worry too much about problems in the future or the past, they may become distracted and unable to focus. Whether abroad or at home, people need to learn how to live in the moment.


Indulge in new experiences

Nick Gholkar makes sure that every one of his trips consists of a memorable experience. What makes trips so memorable is that they often force travelers to see, try, or do something that is out of their normal routine. People can follow this rule of travel within their very own city. All that they have to do is explore a new part of life that they have never tried before. This can be as simple as taking a community college class, visiting a museum, or even cooking an exotic dinner. Usually, memorable experiences require people to leave their comfort zones and to try something that they normally would avoid.


Focus on other people

Travelers will want to engage the people around them. Nick Gholkar explains how traveling provides multiple opportunities to make acquaintances and friends. All it takes is to approach someone on an open beach or at an airplane terminal and to start talking to them. This can be very simple for travelers who are in a foreign country and then find someone who speaks their own language fluently. People can enhance their ability to focus on other people in the world by engaging in conversations on a deeper level at home. Everyone should take a bit of time out of their day to talk to someone with no other distractions. This is an excellent way to build up relationships, which most people tend to neglect because their minds are so caught up in other aspects.


Never stop dreaming

Nick Gholkar stresses the importance of always keeping dreams strong. It is not uncommon for travelers to dream about their next vacation while they are currently on a trip. By having this kind of mindset, they will have a sense of optimism and determination that will drive them toward their next adventure. In life, this unending dreamful state of mind will help with personal matters at work. People should never lose this momentum. They can make assignment boards, start savings accounts, plan vacations, and much more.

“Travelers should never be afraid to question the world around them,” indicates Nick Gholkar. “They need to refuse to let their minds stay limited to their place of origin. They should always be thirsty for expansion. The world is too large for someone not to be curious. Even if you are in your own hometown, you should keep an inquisitive mindset.”

People at home have just as much right to be curious as travelers abroad. It is recommended for people to embark on a small journey around their hometown, such as taking a historical tour or going to a foreign museum. This will help them gain a better understanding of the culture around them. Nick Gholkar advises people to bring this curiosity into the home and to always have an open mindset.

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