STUDY: Which Facebook Pages Are On Top Down Under? Australian Likes In June

The most popular Facebook page in Australia in June, by likes, was Tourism Australia, which is not much of a surprise, considering the fact that the top category by likes Down Under is airlines, travel, and tourism, according to a study by digital ad agency Online Circle Digital.

The agency also found that when narrowing down pages to those representing companies that are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, the Domino’s Pizza – Australia page was tops, with more than 850,000 likes.

Online Circle Digital’s list of the top 20 industries in Australia in terms of Facebook likes follows, along with the top page in each category:

  1. Airlines, travel, and tourism: 8,832,189 likes (Tourism Australia, 4,097,622)
  2. TV programs: 8,639,819 (Bananas in Pyjamas, 2,199,161)
  3. Snack foods: 6,063,640 (Pringles Australia, 1,342,392)
  4. Retail, fashion: 5,746,738 (Bonds, 839,484)
  5. Fast-food restaurants: 4,224,708 (Domino’s Pizza – Australia, 850,790)
  6. Electronics: 3,855,747 (JB Hi-Fi, 478,777)
  7. Sporting clubs: 3,450,702 (Queensland Maroons, 406,539)
  8. Radio: 3,342,418 (Hamish & Andy, 1,755,602)
  9. Retail, grocery: 2,707,617 (7-Eleven Australia, 502,497)
  10. Beverages: 2,644,307 (V Energy Drink Australia, 520,336)
  11. Department and online stores: 2,521,984 (, 427,454)
  12. Alcohol (beer, wine, and cider): 2,105,341 (yellow tail, 782,927)
  13. Automakers: 2,100,867 (Holden, 379,444)
  14. TV networks: 1,914,007 (Foxtel, 546,176)
  15. Health and beauty: 1,808,025 (Nivea Australia, 220,253)
  16. Alcohol (spirits): 1,765,371 (Wild Turkey Australia, 257,392)
  17. News and magazines: 1,653,439 (Frankie, 184,861)
  18. Telecommunications: 1,026,799 (Telstra 24×7, 377,630)
  19. Education: 1,005,161 (University of New South Wales, 202,399)
  20. Banks and financial institutions: 937,767 (Commonwealth Bank, 429,199)

Australia flag image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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