How Does Facebook Handle Graph Search Queries In A Timely Fashion?


How is Facebook able to quickly process the sort of queries about users and their friends generated by features such as Graph Search, despite the fact that the relevant data may be stored on several different servers? Software Engineers Alessandro Presta and Alon Shalita offered an example of how the social network uses graph-processing system Apache Giraph to handle those tasks in a post on its engineering blog.

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Theater Experts Nancy McCrea and Lou Spisto Compare the Broadway and London Stage

The awards season for the two most important centers of the English language theater is in full swing. The Olivier awards were presented this week in London and the Tony nominations are days away in New York.  As the season continues to heat up, we decided to check in with two industry professionals and find out what makes each “community” unique. Stage producer Lou Spisto, who has worked on Broadway and the West End, believes, as do most producers, that there are differences when producing in London and Broadway. Nancy McCrea, Agency Development Manager for AKA, a well-known agency that specializes in theater marketing for Broadway and London, offered further insight on the differences between these two centers of the commercial stage.    Read more

India Facebook Users Can Declare, ‘I’m A Voter’


On Election Day 2010 in the U.S., Facebook featured an “I Voted” button that users could click to display a message that they had participated in the election, and a study by the University of California San Diego found that those messages drove an additional 340,000 or so voters to the polling stations. The social network extended the initiative for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections in India, which began Monday and run for nine days, with results to be announced May 16.

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