Polygraph Media Detects Analytics From Facebook Pages

The pool of Facebook analytics providers just had a little more water displaced from it, as Polygraph Media took the plunge with its Polygraph Reports offering.

Polygraph Reports collects data from Facebook pages and subscriber-enabled profiles and presents the data in more than 40 charts, graphs, and data visualizations. Available reports include:

  • Community management
  • Content marketing
  • Top content
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • The top 1,000 fans on any page

Polygraph Media said it has received interest from agencies (public relations, advertising, marketing, and social), social consultants, and brands, all of which are seeking to deepen relationships with customers, deliver relevant and timely content, and monitor and benchmark against their competitors.

Polygraph Media Founder Chris Treadaway, author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day, said:

Facebook has grown so fast that companies are now significantly increasing their marketing spend on Facebook pages and advertising. But increasingly, we are hearing that marketers need to justify the increased attention and budget. Is it all worthwhile? If we spend more money or human resources on Facebook, what will we get out of it? The answers lie in the data — every social interaction that takes place on a page is a discrete and important data point that can be mined for information. We created Polygraph to serve this need — an analytics solution that can look at your pages and those in your competitive environment, and can clearly survey the Facebook battlefield for marketers, executives, and agencies.

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