Prashant Modi Exposes the Real Truth About Natural Gas

At Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited (GEECL), Chief Operating Officer and President Prashant Modi works to deliver new standards in India’s energy industry. Specifically, Modi and his team continue to expand operations in coalbed methane as a green alternative to fossil fuels.

While many have come to form opinions on the subject of “fracking” or coal mine methane, Modi explains that coalbed methane extraction is a more efficient, sustainable and safer way to collect natural gas.

Although GEECL and Prashant Modi have demonstrated the rapid progress occurring in the energy industry and the natural gas market, he notes that there is still a great deal of myths impacting the growth of this resourceful commodity.

According to Modi, the many misconceptions surrounding natural gas have led many consumers and industries to discount the energy resource altogether. However, many may be surprised to learn that natural gas is actually a very viable, eco-friendly resource that could help improve economies and societies across the globe.

For this reason, Prashant Modi encourages the public to learn more about natural gas and the truth about this powerful resource.

Here are just a few unfounded myths that have influenced many away from this incredible fuel source:


Natural Gas is Not Eco-Friendly

The common misconception that largely impacts the growth and development of natural gas resources and uses is that it is not a green alternative to fossil fuels. However, it is important to understand that natural gas is actually much cleaner and safer for the environment than outdated fossil fuel resources—such as oil and coal.

A large component of natural gas is methane, which is not toxic and is actually renewable. In fact, researchers are developing greater ways to mass produce natural gas from common waste materials, including sewage and garbage.

For Prashant Modi, it is important for the public to better understand how natural gas can be considered a renewable resource. Defining this resource away from fossil fuels is essential to help society embrace the benefits that natural gas can provide.


Natural Gas is a Dangerous Explosive

While natural gas does hold the potential to ignite, many misinterpret this chemical property to mean that the resource is a dangerous explosive that could spark destruction.

Natural gas on its own is not an explosive. In fact, for the resource to even catch fire the air must have a certain concentration of methane and the ignition source must be more than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Compared to fossil fuels and other energy resources, natural gas is actually less explosive and much safer for public use. These qualities not only ease consumer concerns, but also help boost safer working conditions for those working at drill sites.


Natural Gas Will Run Out

Although many countries—such as the United States—have already tapped into vast reserves of natural gas, some have come to believe that this resource is limited.

Geologists, researchers and other energy industry experts have conducted enough research to show that there are plentiful reserves of natural gas beneath the earth’s surface. Prashant Modi explains that these reserves may prove much more extensive with further exploration.

Even if the existing reserves of natural gas were somehow limited, Modi references the renewability of the resource in the form of “biomethane.”

With further research and infrastructure, it is quite possible that the energy industry could find a way to continuously produce natural gas from waste materials, or biomass; a solution that would make natural gas resources ever-abundant.


Natural Gas is Unreliable

Many consumers have come to understand that in recent years, natural gas reserves have increased across the globe. As such, Prashant Modi is dedicated to expanding India’s reserves through GEECL coalbed methane extraction.

Despite the high reserves of natural gas, many believe that it is not a reliable fuel and that it does not provide as many uses as people may think.

The truth is that natural gas has many uses and that its viability continues to increase with greater support, exploration and research on the resource.

According to Modi, it is important to understand that other forms of green, renewable energy—such as solar and wind power—are often dependent on environmental conditions. Disruptions in these renewable infrastructures can make it difficult to generate reliable energy from natural resources.

Natural gas, however, offers greater security, as it is very reliable and its use is not dependent on access to wind, water or the sun. As a result, it provides consumers with a source of power that is always there.

The reliability of natural gas could also serve as a great source of backup power if integrated with less consistent renewables.

There are many other incredible facts about natural gas, and according to Prashant Modi, there are new discoveries about its benefits every day; he encourages all citizens to stay tuned to the future of natural gas and how it can help them.

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