How Facebook Can Double Apps’ Revenue

PointingAtApps650If you have revenue coming in from your application, congratulations! You’ve found something that works. So many folks are unable to turn an app user into a paying customer, but you did it. This is a great place to be, and I’m going to tell something: Your app has even more potential.

Adding Facebook features to your app can double your revenue. Let’s break it down using the golden triangle of app success metrics: user acquisition, retention, and engagement.

User Acquisition

Since you already have revenue, it’s safe to assume that new users will bring you more revenue.

Connect your app to Facebook and gain more users. Whether your existing users like your page on Facebook, broadcast play on Timeline, share your page, or just simply connect via Facebook, you will win new users.

Testimonials are one of the time-tested ways to get more users, or, in your case, paying customers. Users share because they really like an app, and their friends know this and want in on the fun.

User Retention

When a user signs in with Facebook, they have made a type of commitment to your app. In a way, it’s as if you and your users are Facebook friends. And now you’re a friend of a friend to all of their friends.

Your users can find out that their friends are using the app, too. Peer pressure coupled with positive reinforcement helps to push your users to open your app and perhaps even purchase more items. For example, competitiveness in a language-learning app can keep your users coming back in order to keep up with friends.

Popular app Duolingo is free, but it makes revenue from user-sourced translation — the more that people use the app, the more money Duolingo makes. Using Facebook helps any revenue model, whether it be like Duolingo’s user-generated content model, in-app purchases, freemium, or paid app models.

User Engagement

While single-player games are fun and have good levels of engagement, statistics show that engagement really takes off when you add a social element. No matter what type of app you have, adding social features increases engagement. And engaged users become paying customers.

Games: The social aspects of Candy Crush Saga and FarmVille are a part of what keep players interested, competitive, and cooperative. It also keeps them spending money.

Artistic apps: Bitstrips is one of the hottest apps this year, and its Facebook connection is one reason why. In any creative app, allowing users to share on Facebook lets users brag about their creations, which makes them work harder to create them. And since they want to show their best, they’re more likely to pay in order to remove a watermark, get more magic wands, or whatever in-app purchase makes their art cooler.


Here at Scringo, we allow developers to add Facebook features to their apps because we know the outcome.

You can increase your app revenue by connecting to Facebook. You will have new users, and the users you have will be more committed and use the app even more. If you’ve found a way to make revenue on your app, you’re already going in the right direction. Keep your momentum and increase your revenue by adding Facebook features.

Did the most successful apps become that way because of their popularity on Facebook? Or did they become popular on Facebook because they were successful?

Either way, leading app developers agree that adding Facebook features to your app is a smart choice.

Ran Avrahamy is the co-founder of Scringo, which offers a community and messaging platform that helps bring the benefits of social networking to apps.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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