Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Converts More Shares For Future Selling; Others Offload Stock

A few Facebook executives rang in the new year by selling off some of their stock in the company, making a tidy sum in the process. Facebook board member Donald Graham, Vice President of Engineering Michael Schroepfer, General Counsel Ted Ullyot, and Chief Accounting Officer David Spillane all sold some of their social network stock in the past few days, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings. And Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg converted a portion of her shares from class-B to class-A, making them easier to sell.

Graham, CEO of The Washington Post Co. and a Facebook board member since 2008, converted 20,835 shares from class-B to class-A on New Year’s Day. The next day, Graham sold 8,126 shares (although he still has 636,041) for a total of $222,814.92.

On Dec. 28, Schroepfer converted 215,000 shares, then sold 55,000 of them three days later, making $1,452,973.50. On New Year’s Day, Schroepfer changed 25,476 shares from class-B to class-A, and now has 1,570,289 shares of the company’s stock.

Spillane Jan. 2 sold 60,000 shares for a total of $1,649,946. He currently has 120,916 shares of Facebook stock.

Ullyot transferred 196,000 shares of Facebook stock into a trust fund for his children Dec. 28. Additionally, between Dec. 28 and Jan. 1, Ullyot converted 406,057 of his 908,318 shares into class-A.

Sandberg did not sell any stock this time, but appears ready to do so at some point. She converted 338375 shares of class-B stock into class-A.

Readers: Would you buy or sell Facebook stock at this time?


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