Security Concerns? Try BitDefender's New Safego Facebook App

Online privacy, or the lack thereof, has been getting a lot of play in the media lately. From lawsuits levied against Facebook and Zynga for alleged privacy breaches to third party Firefox extensions designed to highlight flaws in Facebook log-in security, we’ve had plenty to write about just in the past week. App developers are taking note and responding in turn.

BitDefender, well-known for their antivirus software suite, is throwing their hat into the Facebook security ring. The new, free BitDefender Safego App uses BitDefender scanning technology to expand on Facebook’s built-in privacy controls. It attacks the privacy issue from two angles: first, by identifying personal information on a user’s account that’s available to strangers; second, by scanning the user’s wall, inbox, comments, and shared content for malicious links. It does what you can do manually, only quickly, automatically, and safely.
BitDefender Screenshot
If you’ve got any holes in your privacy settings, BitDefender Safego promises to identify them. If someone’s posting compromised links to your wall, BitDefender claims Safego will ferret them out. Do their claims hold true? Time will tell. They’ve got a strong track record in the security business, and the beta is free to try, so there’s nothing stopping Facebook users from giving it a shot for themselves.

Here’s the link to the beta. If you try it out, let us know how it worked.

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