Social Media Experts Now Outnumber iPhone Owners?

Before you Google the BSC or go to, hit up the Onion, because we’re kidding. The reality is, this “title turned punch line” thing just won’t go away. It continues to dig under the thinning skin of those that do pay the bills by providing real social media services and software tools to a growing roster of clients.

The question remains, how do knowledgeable social media consultants and agencies separate themselves from the throngs of hucksters and hustlers that litter today’s social web? It’s simple: track record.

For one to break through in this self-congratulatory echo chamber, you have to walk your talk, not just claim to be something. The first place a Chief Marketing Officer or Vice President of Marketing (the people that control budget) goes to sniff out your social cred is your very own Facebook page. Does yours’ scream uninviting ghost town or does it look like an attractive destination that properly sells your expertise?

Listen, you can tweet out insightful nuggets until you have thumb blisters and show off your social media conference lanyards like Mr. T rocks gold chain, but if your own Facebook Page fails to inspire, how on earth can you be trusted to handle someone else’s brand and budget?

You can’t.

Chatter is cheap: social proof is not. Winning new business and respect starts with building and launching a motivating custom Facebook page like this for your personal brand. Visit North Social, install their powerful suite of apps, and start showcasing your smarts, case studies, and capabilities today.

Yep, demonstrate your value or you’ll continue to wield about as much social influence as the BSC.

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