Loyalty on Facebook: SocialToaster Joins Izea Exchange

SocialToasterLogo650Social engagement and loyalty rewards program provider SocialToaster announced that it joined sponsored social company Izea’s Izea Exchange ecosystem in order to better manage and execute its sponsorship campaigns across social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and LinkedIn.

SocialToaster said using the Izea Exchange will enable it to expand on its gamification model and allow its “Super Fans” to monetize their social presence through a variety of paid sponsorship opportunities, adding that the combination will give its current clients and brands greater access to content creators.

SocialToaster Founder and CEO Brian Razzaque said in a release announcing the combination:

Many of our Super Fans are looking for additional ways to leverage their personal networks as it pertains to the brands that they choose to support within our platform. The Izea Exchange ecosystem gives us additional options for those Super Fans, and opens up some new potential opportunities for us with our clients.

Izea Founder and CEO Ted Murphy added:

In order for this space to grow, we need to make it easier for brands and their agencies to buy social sponsorships efficiently and at scale. In the same way that display ad networks came together through ad exchanges, Izea is bringing together the world’s leading influencer networks, publishers and broadcasters. We are delighted to announce SocialToaster as a partner on the Exchange, and we believe our advertisers will be eager to tap into its network of Super Fans.

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