Starz Video Stunt Backing ‘Boss’ Tells Facebook Users The ‘Price For Power’

Premium cable network Starz is backing the second-season premiere of political drama “Boss” with video stunt Price for Power.

Taking a page from similar efforts such as We know what you’re doing …, House of Horrors, The Year of You, and Take This Lollipop, Price for Power incorporates Facebook users’ profile information, after receiving permission, naturally.

Price for Power uses the voice of Kelsey Grammer, portraying his character in “Boss,” Mayor Tom Kane, asking, “Do you realize how easy it would be to have you completely wiped off the map?” while users see their friends erased and their relationship status changed to “It’s complicated.”

Starz Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing Kelly Bumann told Multichannel News Price for Power was developed by and is hosted by digital agency BLT, and it took about three months to develop, adding:

We want people to feel it’s a little bit creepy. We wanted a way to pull people into this world and drive buzz for this show, but still make it relevant whether you’re a fan of the show or not. It’s a smart, guerilla way to do something that looks more premium than other things we’ve seen.

Readers: Would you like to see more promotional stunts like Price for Power?

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