Online retail rating service StellaService examined the Facebook practices of 20 top retail brands and, for the most part, found their customer service to be lacking.

StellaService posted customer-service questions and comments on the Facebook walls of the 20 retailers, and found that:

StellaService also shared the following tips for customers who wish to contact retailers via Facebook:

  • Questions are more likely to be answered when posted to walls than when included in comments.
  • Check to see if your questions are deleted.
  • Avoid offensive language and keep posts precise, but don’t forget to include vital information, such as product numbers and order dates.
  • Look for service widgets on the Facebook page.
  • Allow 24 hours before moving to plan B, whatever that may be for you.

StellaService Chief Executive Officer Jordy Leiser said:

While retailers have enthusiastically embraced Facebook as a way to engage with consumers, many have yet to fully appreciate social media’s two-way nature when it comes to providing customer service. Retailers need to realize that two days in Facebook time is like two years in real-time. Consumers are used to real-time engagement with friends on Facebook, so it’s unnatural to spend days waiting for any kind of response.

Readers: Have your customer-service experiences with retailers or customers on Facebook mirrored the findings by StellaService?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.