STUDY: 1 In 5 Of Facebook Contacts Are Work Related

Almost half of all advertising and marketing executives use Facebook for business, and about one fifth of these folks’ friend lists are professional contacts.

That’s the gist of a survey of 500 people by the Creative Group, which interviewed about 500 people in the industry.

Based on its findings, the Creative Group recommends that advertising and marketing executives use business etiquette when on Facebook.

And we wholeheartedly agree with the company’s suggestions, which we think are relevant for people in all industries, not just advertising and marketing. There are five of them below.

1. Divide And Conquer

Not everyone in your social network needs to know about your Friday dinner plans or musings on the latest blockbuster movie. Segment your friend lists so professional contacts aren’t inundated with updates they wouldn’t want to — or shouldn’t — see. Also check your privacy settings to control who has access to what information.

2. Be A Guru

Share nuggets of useful information with your business contacts, and offer advice when they ask for recommendations or ideas.

3. Give And You Shall Receive

Be generous with your contacts by offering to make introductions or sharing useful information they post with your own network.

4. Use Photo Features

Even if you maintain a personal website or digital portfolio, you can provide your online contacts with a snapshot of your latest professional project or even your entire body of work. Creating albums on Flickr or Facebook, or using Twitpic or similar photo-sharing tools, is an easy way to visually show potential clients or employers your career accomplishments and showcase new skills.

5. Resist The Urge To Rant

Never say anything disparaging about your current or former company, coworkers, clients or other business contacts. You never know who might see your comments and forward them on.
Readers, do you agree with the recommendations listed here?

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